Santa Teresa Beach, a Tropical Heaven

Many of the reasons for the area’s success come from its natural features.

Santa Teresa’s current position as one of Costa Rica’s premiere destinations comes from a series of different factors and developments, but they all stem from the same root: the area’s unparalleled natural beauty. As part of the Nicoya Peninsula’s Blue Zone, Santa Teresa has always offered visitors an escape not only from the hustle and bustle of modern life, but also from the crowds that flock to other tourist hotspots. The appeal of this iconic beach town lies precisely on its uncharted nature and off-the-beaten-path feel, a place where to immerse yourself in a true tropical oasis and forget about your problems.

Santa Teresa’s atmosphere comes in great part due to its international community and eclectic residents. Surfers, backpackers and yoga enthusiasts have all given this lively spot in the peninsula an unmistakable bohemian vibe, which serves as the perfect complement to its innate wonders. After all, this is a perfect setting to strengthen your relationship with Mother Earth. Fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and the most nutritious vegetables are all integral parts of the Nicoyan cuisine, and can fill you with the energy needed to explore the area’s breathtaking landscapes. 

Surfers in Santa Teresa

If you want the full surfer experience, head over to Mal Pais’ impressive breaks and rugged coastline. Fancy the most unforgettable snorkeling experience? Then Isla Tortuga offers azure waters and a colorful assortment of underwater fauna. If you seek a complementary jungle experience in close proximity, Montezuma and El Chorro waterfalls are some of the most popular attractions in town, offering intense hikes and scenic sights of massive water cascades. 

For those ecologically inclined, Cabo Blanco is essentially the region’s quintessential seabird sanctuary, while Curu Wildlife Refuge lets you spot capuchin and howler monkeys scrambling through the impressive Guanacaste trees. Finally, on the way to Samara, there’s Barra Honda National Park and its famous caves, truly a must for anyone who craves for unique experiences in Costa Rica. 

Mal Pais Beach

Santa Teresa and its surroundings are some of the country’s most vibrant ecosystems, full of rich biodiversity, cinematic landscapes and an authentic feel of pristineness and off-the-grid life that can only be experienced in tropical paradise. Settle in this magical beach town, and take your time exploring the myriad of natural gems hidden in the Nicoya Peninsula, a setting that simply exudes all-encompassing wellness given its enthralling natural beauty.

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