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The most distinguished shopping spots in the whole Central Valley, the best in international cuisine, and unparalleled amenities and comforts. Escazú and Santa Ana have established themselves as Costa Rica’s main urban settlements for those who enjoy the wonders of cosmopolitan living and luxury. Naturally, the world-renowned Acquarello brand has taken notice of this, and has looked to take all of the area’s perks into a lavish, boutique  living experience in Alto de las Palomas.

Strategic Location

Alto de las Palomas is a masterpiece of a real estate development, boasting spectacular views of the Central Valley and the Ventolera, Pico Blanco and Salitral mountainside. Literally perched over the dreamy city lights, you’ll enjoy the tranquility of an exclusive location, while also benefiting from ease of access to all the city life bursting from Escazú and Santa Ana. Acquarello Alto de las Palomas incorporates this feel of exclusivity in its elegant architecture and high-end design, encapsulating tastefulness through inspired use of sophisticated textures, open spaces and defined lines. 


Featuring amenities like a business center, a gymnasium, and plenty of open working spaces, residences in Acquarello Alto de las Palomas offer a timeless sense of luxury and prosperity at the heart of Costa Rica’s metropolitan area.

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