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Acquarello, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is widely considered to be one of the world’s premiere tropical destinations. Nature lovers from all over the globe see a small miracle in this dreamy Central American nation, as its rich and diverse ecosystems host some of the most stunning sights one can behold. From restful and misty mountains, going through cosmopolitan urban settlements, and all the way to the paradisiacal beaches everyone raves about, Costa Rica provides something more than scenic backdrops, it offers you a new way of approaching life.

Knowing of the country’s reputation as a wellness and ecological paradise, Acquarello looks to build from this magical setting’s foundations in order to offer the quintessential Costa Rican luxury experience. Right now, that means offering two distinct developments that really embody the perks of their specific locations, while also maintaining Acquarello’s seal of excellence and feel for innovation.

No matter where you’re set, with Acquarello you can expect intuitive master plans and innovative layouts that make the most out of the inherent wholesomeness of any kind of Costa Rican setting. Seek out the stellar details and finishes that embrace the country’s unique textures and tones. Find harmony with relaxing terraces, integrated office spaces, and the most upscale and modern implements and amenities. Simply put, life in Acquarello is as good as it gets.


Acquarello Dominical

As it’s done in other of the country’s most enticing settings, Acquarello Dominical comes to offer a perfect distillment of how this location can be the place to rejoice in utmost comfort. Through its stellar, contemporary design, its tropical flourishes, and the high-end amenities the Acquarello brand has become known for, Acquarello Dominical offers residences like no other in the area.


Acquarello Santa Teresa

Acquarello Santa Teresa looks to embrace this bohemian beach town’s relaxed aura with its cutting edge home design and cohesive coastal aesthetics. Merely 2 kilometers away from Santa Teresa’s main crossroads, but boasting an immersive sense of privacy, Acquarello Santa Teresa is equal parts luxury real estate and a sensory boutique experience.


Acquarello Alto de Las Palomas

Alto Las Palomas on the other hand, is a gem of a development that meshes the highest standards in contemporary design with the comforts of urban living. This elegant community is up to par with the most distinguished residences in the exclusive Escazú and Santa Ana area.


Acquarello Nosara

Acquarello Nosara presents an unparalleled opportunity to own a luxurious home immersed in the beauty of nature. Experience the best of modern living while being embraced by the tranquility of the jungle. This boutique residence promises a life of comfort, style, and adventure, all within the captivating embrace of Nosara’s natural wonders.

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