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Acquarello Residences

Acquarello Santa Teresa presents itself as one of the most innovative and high-end developments coming to Costa Rica’s wondrous Nicoya Peninsula. The setting is well-known as one of the country’s most laid back and eclectic beach communities, a feature that Acquarello incorporates into its core design ethos.

Acquarello Costa Rica blends the high-end standards of Acquarello’s renowned international brand, and reframes its aesthetics and layout to make the most out of San Teresa’s immersive natural landscapes. More than a luxurious home, a property within Acquarello is a sensory experience. The master plans and layout play with natural lighting and the fresh air that blesses this beach setting, while the unique textures and tones of the Pacific Coast make their way into the interior design for utmost harmony. Relaxing terraces and upscale amenities round off what will undoubtedly become a highlight of Santa Teresa’s real estate offering.

Complete Set of Amenities

Horizontal Master Plan

Visitors' Parking

Underground Electrical

Underground Electrical

Fiber Optic Infraestructure

24/7 Security

Guard House

Fenced Perimeter

Coastal Oasis


Acquarello Costa Rica’s premises complement the cohesive tropical feel of each home, and double-down on the inherent wholesomeness of a coastal oasis. Expect vast walking trails, a wide array of native flora, amenities focused on wellness like a semi-olympic pool and a yoga shala, among many other comforts. If you ever fancied the chill vibes of a surf paradise with a touch of contemporary luxury, Acquarello is the place for you.

2Costa Rica Real Estate

Sales Team

2CR Santa Teresa, a proud member of 2Costa Rica Real Estate, has decades of experience in helping clients with the analysis, purchase, development, management and sale of property. We are a close-knit team of long-term Santa Teresa residents, who share a love and passion for this beautiful part of the world. Our experience is wide-ranging and covers every imaginable type of real estate transaction in Costa Rica. We care about finding exactly the right property for each of our clients and about the long-term development of our community.

Below are the lead sales agents for the project, however, feel free to reach out to your 2Costa Rica Real Estate, or external agent for further details about how to become an owner.

Andrea Bissinger

Andrea has been working in real estate law during the past 6 years, mainly focusing in the coastal area of Costa Rica, both in raw land and constructed homes, as well as maritime zone concession land. She is from a small beach town on the Atlantic coast, and with her legal knowledge of purchasing real estate in the country, Andrea will help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Reese Langston

Reese has more than two decades of experience in the Costa Rican real estate market, focused on the Nicoya Peninsula. He has worked in Law and International Real Estate Brokerage, focusing on maritime zone properties and project development. Reese specializes in raw land, home appraisals and concession properties. As part owner of Hotel Casa Cecilia, he can answer any questions related to the hospitality industry.

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